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The Perfect Hearts Look Book
Fashionable 3D Design
Textured Lettering

Each garment displays a timeless and thick 3D textured design.  None of that cheap thin waterbased paint or light easily peelable vinyl material. The T-Shirt is of PREMIUM quality! The softest feel ever

Glow In The Dark
Just Add Light

Be amazed by this all white design and how it glows so radiantly once you step into darkness.  Flash some new light upon this design and watch it glow beyond belief!  You can be seen from 50ft away.  Use your phones flashlight or stand next to a bright light source to charge it

Its Heartfelt
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Each garment has a distinct and vibrant felt heart attached to its center design. In addition, each sleeve has a glow in the dark heart on the left shoulder as well.


The Perfect Heart was created by Moncrief,  author of the book entitled “You Need Yourself”  The Perfect Heart, originating in 2015, was created to give people a voice upon what they love. We always say what we love, but we don’t always show it.  It’s in our hearts, and we wear it on our sleeves sometimes but it’s never there in your face for someone to touch it.  The Perfect Heart design was based on stating what you love, no matter what it is, in a simplistic and fashionable way. Whether it’s where you live, what you do, a loved one, a title or anything. This is your voice! This is your conversation piece. This is your statement to the world. Wear it and wear it proudly

The design is based upon a minimalist approach to art and fashion.  Nothing flashy, but 100% beautiful and fitting for any and every situation or event.  Be it a gift to a loved one, something that you believe in, a convention, a vacation destination or something as simple as belief in yourself.  The Perfect Hearts were made for everyone, no matter the race, creed, color or religion. You can hate it one day and love it the next.  No one is perfect and that’s what makes this perfect.  This was made for anyone.  Put it out into the universe, wear it to a photoshoot, while your cooking, while making YouTube videos.  It’s whatever you love, whenever you feel!


I like it! But...

How Does It Work?

Im glad you asked that question!

The Perfect Heart is a handmade, one at a time personal product.  You can order from our pre-made products that we have in our inventory that display something of your interest or you can choose to create your own Perfect Heart.

You simply

  • Click On “The Perfect Heart
  • Choose Your Size
  • Type in what you “Love”
  • Add to Cart and Checkout

And Voila!  Your order is in the system.
Allow 1 to 3 day’s to process the order. Each item is handmade and carefully created to ensure a great product that can last a long time.  The Perfect Heart promises to get your order processed and shipped to you as soon as possible.
Also remember
Machine Wash Cold & Hang to Dry
to ensure maximum life of the product

Meet the creator of The Perfect Hearts

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