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  • The Perfect Black

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    February…The month of Black History & Awareness

    This is a black on black.
    This is bold
    This is in your face
    This is culture
    Hands Down we’re resilient regardless of Hands Up

    We know Black on Black Crime is something that plagues communities all over
    I’m here to change that
    Lets spread Black on Black Love
    Because we got the same liquid pumping though our hearts

    The Perfect Heart Presents
    The Perfect Black!

    This bold 3D design is made to stand out on this beautiful, soft and premium cotton with it’s color offset to make it really gives it that “pop”

    Get yours today in a 4 different formats!

    Throw Blanket, T-Shirt, Crewneck Sweatshirt Or Hoody!

    The Perfect Hoody Comes Equipped With Golden Lace Locks



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