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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Questions

What is "The Perfect Band"?

The Perfect Band is a luxury wrist wear piece handcrafted specifically for you!  You can have the Love Links (charms) customized to reflect the things that you love or want to say.  It is also the first ever luxury item infused with and backed by creative content, community, art and secret membership

Tap Here for a photographic breakdown of The Perfect Band

How long does it take to handmake?

3 to 5 Days

Every single Perfect Band is handmade by the founder of TPH.  Each unit can take an upward of 5 days processing time to go from creation to shipment.  We keep materials in stock so you never have to wait the 5 days, but we do sell out so be sure to place your order quickly so you can get put in the order list for the week

How many Perfect Bands can I order?

Three per person max!

As we’re starting off, we want to make sure that other people can get a chance to get a Perfect Band

What is the "Bijɛ"?

“Bi·jɛ” is how you pronounce the word “Ticket” in French.

With that said, the “Bijɛ” on your Perfect Band is a ticket to the 2 Day Secret Club.  It’s only accessible by tapping your SmartPhone’s chip reader to your Perfect Band.

Every 2 to 3 Days there will be something for you
So tap your band and see what’s new inside👀

Is my band waterproof?

The Perfect Band it is not waterproof.  The leathers used in production of your band have varying water resisting qualities.  Some water may bead off whilst other bands may absorb liquids.

What makes your product better than the others on the market?

There are no others on the market.  We’re the first and only company to offer this patent pending design and experience.  We take joy and pride in this monumental first!❤️

Purchasing Questions

Can I Gift A Band To Someone?

Actually Yes, Right Here

With the link above, you can purchase a “Perfect Credit” to give to anyone that you would like.

Option 1. You just need their Name & Email address.  Write them a sweet message in the form and we’ll automatically send them an email with your words and an invite to create their own band.

Option 2. Purchase the credit and put your own information in the form with just their name.  Print out the PDF file that comes after the purchase.  Put it in a physical card and hand it to them in person! (Great for Birthdays and Romantic people)

What payment options are available?

We offer payment by Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and now AfterPay Payments!

What is AfterPay?

AfterPay is an interest free payment divider.  You can “Buy It Now” and split the total purchase into 4 easy payments for yourself.  Great for big purchases.

To take advantage of AfterPay, just add your product to the cart and go to Checkout.  It’ll be listed at the bottom of the page

Can I Change My Order?

Since our product is personalized, you can change your order within the first 3 hours after it’s place.  Just use our Contact Us page to explain what needs to be changed

Customizing F.A.Q.

How should I measure my wrist?

The easiest and fastest way to measure your wrist is to do it with fabric measuring tape, BUT if you don’t have measuring tape you can follow our video Sizing Guide right here to help you measure your wrist at home with everyday household items

What Are Love Links?

Love Links are the precious metal charms bars that go across your Perfect Band to make it luxurious.  They can be left blank or we can engrave them to your liking with names, phrases, scriptures, dates, anything!

What is "Metal Finishing"?

This applies only for The Lush Series & The Limited Edition Series (Coming Soon).

Our Metals are forged .925 Sterling Silver & Stainless Steel. These serve as very strong bases so you don’t bend your metals so easily. You are able to choose your plating finishes for your Perfect Band.  We do all of the metal plating in our design lab, so we can apply a very thick layer of 18k Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum

How many letter's can my Love Links have?

One to 9 Letters.  Remember that the more letters, the smaller the font

Order Problems

What if I put in the wrong address?

The purchaser is responsible for providing the correct mailing address. Before finalizing your order, be certain your shipping address is correct. We are not responsible for goods delivered to the wrong address input at the time of ordering. If you happen to notice that you entered the wrong address, you can email us at shop@theperfecthearts.com with the correct shipping address before your order is processed. Once shipped, we will not be responsible for the wrong address. No refunds will be provided if any part of the address is incorrect.

What's the Return Policy?

Here’s our Return Policy for customized items