Leather Bracelet The Perfect Heart Lux Black Dio 13 1
Leather Bracelet The Perfect Heart Lux Black Dio 13 1
The Perfect Band Lux Amaj Leather Bracelet
The Perfect Band Lux Ode Leather Bracelet
The Perfect Band Lux Lin
The Perfect Band Lux Ale
The Perfect Band : Lux Series
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The Perfect Band Lux Ale
The Perfect Band : Lux Leather Bracelet Dio
The Perfect Band Lux Ode
The Perfect Band Lux Ode

The Perfect Band : Lux Series

The Luxury Series‎

These Perfect Bands were made with luxury in mind

  • Reversible Band.  Dual sided for more functionality
  • Premium leathers imported directly from Paris
  • High Fashion curated color ways
  • 18kt Gold, Rose Or Platinum Finished Links
  • Access to TPH Network via smartphone band tap
  • Made for your wrist. Sizing Video Right Here


The Perfect Band : Lux

Beautifully hand crafted pieces that speak with the textures of the culture, The Lux Series Leather Bracelet defines luxury!

Inspired by and named after the close friends of the creator, each colorway is designed to be eye-catching & timeless.

The Perfect Band Lux Series is fashionably useful do to it’s “one of a kind” reversible architecture , meaning you can switch it over and get double the use of your Perfect Band Leather Bracelet with your ever growing wardrobe.

When we created The Perfect Band Leather Bracelet, we made it with the idea in mind to bring luxury, fashion and culture to the forefront of our company, but for the everyday person. From the growing local celebrity, to the higher ups, to the everyday worker.  The Perfect Band is one piece of artisan leather work that will stand the test of time. As a result, it’s made just like you!  One thing we can say is that we put our heart into every single fiber of this creation and we’re proud to have you apart of our family.

Invented in 2020

We’ve vowed to always put quality first when making our Leather Bracelet.  From the materials, all the way down to the labor.  We are lovers of details.  Beginning with hand selected leathers.  First, the process starts out by visiting leather tanneries, to source some of the best cuts of material that we can find!  We then begin to look for the beauty in each hide.  The texture, the grain, the smoothness and the suppleness.  All of these things play a factor in the creation of The Perfect Band Leather Bracelet.  Secondly, we move onto forging the metals.  The Clasp.  Made of the most firm of stainless steels.  After that are the Love Links. Made of 92.5% silver ore and the finishing percentage in copper ore for a long lasting and stronger base, because pure silver is just too soft for longevity.

In other words, we only aim for greatness. Above all else, we care.  In addition the development of our bands are unique and extremely special

The Perfect Band Leather Bracelet is something that you can cherish forever

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